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Listen to the music of Shoehorn for an electrifying blend of raw energy, infectious melodies, and captivating lyrics that resonate deeply with fans..

Jersey GIrl


“Jersey Girl” delights with its irresistibly catchy melody and uplifting vibe, infusing listeners with a sense of joy from the first chord. With its sunny sound and infectious rhythm, this song is guaranteed to have you tapping your feet and humming along all day long.

Save Your Money


“Save Your Money” kicks off with a melodic intro that seamlessly blends into a classic rock riff, setting the stage for an unforgettable sonic journey. With cleverly crafted lyrics and a memorable melody, this anthemi song not only captivates the ears but also resonates deeply with its audience, delivering a powerful message wrapped in musical brilliance.

Sink Your Teeth In


“Sink Your Teeth In” unleashes a stomping rock tune that commands attention from the first note to the last. With its memorable riff driving the song forward, this classic rock anthem invites listeners to lose themselves in its irresistible energy and timeless sound.

You’ve Just Missed Her


“You’ve Just Missed Her” exudes majesty as a classic rock gem, delivering all the hooks necessary to etch itself into the annals of timeless music. This live rendition pulsates with energy, ensuring every listener is swept away by its enduring appeal and undeniable charm.

Upcoming Albums

The development of Shoehorn’s first album is a thrilling journey of creativity and passion. With each member pouring their heart and soul into the songwriting process, anticipation for the album continues to build. From intensive jam sessions to inspired lyric writing, every moment is dedicated to crafting a collection of tunes that will leave a lasting impact on listeners.

As the band fine-tunes their sound and hones their musical identity, we eagerly await what promises to be a special debut album. With a blend of raw energy, infectious melodies, and poignant lyrics, this album is set to showcase Shoehorn’s unique style and musical prowess. So, keep an eye on this space – the release of their first album is bound to be a momentous occasion that no rock enthusiast will want to miss.